mi amor.

Y todo lo que hagamos con el alma,

Será para ti y para mi.

Será para nuestra calma.


Siempre seras mi amigo.

El tiempo es nuestro testigo.
Estas en cada melodia,

En cada noche y cada dia...
We got this one night to make it real,
for tomorrow is too far from here.
I´ve become so numb, I can´t feel you there.

I´ve become so tired, so much more aware.

I´m becoming this, all I want to do,

Is be more like me and be less like you.
I see pain, I see need.

I see liars and thieves,

Abuse power with greed.

I had hope, I believed.

I didn`t feel like there was something I missed.
This is my december,

This are my snow-covered trees,

This is me pretending,
This is all I need.

When you've suffered enough.

And your spirit is breaking.

You're growing desperate from the fight.

Remember you're loved and you always will be.

This melody will bring you right back home.